6 Things To Stop Doing Immediately If You Want Back Pain To Go Away

Our daily activities can wear our bodies and will likely feel
it, either in an instant or gradually. One of the most common
physical pain a person can go through is back pain. Because it
may not seem life-threatening and most back pains can be
endured, people ignore the pain or simply drink pain relievers
and go about their usual activities of the day. And some of
these activities only worsen back pain.

Back pain can be caused by many things- weight gain and bad
posture are the most common causes. Sometimes back pain also
reflects the damage or pain of a body’s internal organ. No
matter what the causes are, back pain worsens as we ignore it
and do these things:

1 – Insufficient Sleep
If you have been lacking of rest and sleep, then expect the
back pain to go worse by the day. The body needs enough rest in
order for the muscles, joints and bones to also take a time off
and relax. If you want to make you back feel better, try having
a good night sleep and you’ll surely feel the difference in the

2 – Stopping the Exercise
Rigorous exercises can definitely put a strain on your back,
and getting off from this type of activity is good for the
back. However, completely stopping is not an option as well. If
the back muscles are used to strenuous activities, it will
likely go inflamed and muscles of the back will go weaker if
not even stretched lightly.

3 – Lifting Heavy Objects
We cannot blame some people who needs to life heavy objects
every day, however, it is not an excuse to endure back pain. If
you should life heavy objects, make sure you lift them
correctly. Otherwise, you will not only experience back pain
but will also put you in danger of injury.

4 – Keeping the Bad Posture
A bad posture may sometimes be caused by spinal issues, but you
don’t have to endure it for the rest of your life. There are
many ways of relieving yourself from back pain and this
includes having the right posture. Your bones will be aligned,
your joints will not be worn out and your muscles will be more

5 – Not Watching Your Weight
Excessive weight gain can affect your back and spinal cord.
Your increased weight plus gravity is not a good mix, and would
often lead to back pain. You should not let yourself weigh more
than what you BMI or body mass index should be.

6 – Relying on OTC Pain Relievers
Whenever we feel pain, our first reactions will either be
visiting our physician or having a good rest or take an
over-the-counter pain reliever. The third choice is what most
will pick, but it can be one of the worst. OTC pain relievers
only stop the pain for a moment and abusing these drugs can
hurt our liver and kidney. If you feel that you have rested and
stretched but the pain persists, going to your doctor is still
the best option you have.

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