Experience Effective Weight Loss with Lemon Water Now

We all wonder how celebrities maintain their weight and their
figures and what usually happens is we tend follow what they
do. What we often see are diet schemes, exercise routines and a
lot more methods that may require more equipment and a lot of
funds. However, there are some methods that we just can’t do
because of the type of lifestyle we have and, of course, the
money involved is important, too. This is the reason why more
people seek for alternative solutions in losing weight.

Losing weight is not just for the sake of looking good or just
for plain vanity. The reason why a lot of people want to lose
or maintain their weight is to prevent themselves from getting
any diseases linked to obesity. Heart failure, high blood
pressure, diabetes and even cancer are just some of the
degenerative diseases that can be acquired should we let our
weight go out of control. But if you have the time, equipment
or money, how do you help yourself from getting fat?

The internet and media has provided several solutions for many
years now. One solution that sparked intrigue for many people
who want to improve their weight and health is lemon water.
Whether it is the research or the faithful interview of a
celebrity, lemon water paved its way to the top most sought
after weight loss solution. But what is lemon water? What makes
it effective? And what can be its dangers?

Lemon Water Basics
Making lemon water is really easy- you simply need to clean the
lemons thoroughly, cut the lemons and place in water. You can
place the water with lemon inside the fridge and consume one
glass of lemon water in the morning, then once in the
afternoon. Some also put lemon in lukewarm water, let the lemon
soak for a few minutes then drink the water. Some put other
types of fruits and berries with lemon water. What’s great
about this water is that you don’t really need sugar and the
taste is actually less sour than once can imagine.

The Benefits of Lemon Water
Lemon is truly powerful in terms of making the body lose some
weight. The antioxidant in the lemons help in getting rid of
toxins and stimulates the body to burn the fats from the food
you eat and the fats already stored in your body. But besides
this, there are other benefits that lemon water can provide us
and here are a few:

Boosts  the Immune System
Because of its multiple nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants,
lemon water can improve health and help the body have a better
immune system. With the immune system running smoothly, you are
assured that your body will not be easily infected by bacterial
and viral infections as well as other more serious diseases.

It Promotes a  Better pH Balance
You might think that since lemon is sour it is acidic, but you
are wrong. Lemon is one of the best alkalizing foods you can
have to maintain the pH balance of your body and helps keep
your body from inflammation and pain.

Clearer and Healthier Skin
The antioxidants in lemon can get rid of free radicals and
toxins that affect the skin. With its antioxidants and
alkalizing components, the skin will be clearer, remove
blemishes and kill acne causing bacteria.

Keeps You Energized and in a Good Mood
Lemon is naturally refreshing and waking up with a glass of
lemon water can definitely keep your spirits high throughout
the day. Lemon water can keep you feeling more awake then
coffee can.

Dangers of Lemon Water
Just like any other foods or beverages, lemon water can still
pose danger if not taken moderately. Though it is considered
healthy, drinking too much lemon water or not knowing what you
must do when drinking lemon water can also affect your health
and even cause you to gain weight. Here are a few things that
you must consider when drinking lemon water.
Too much consumption can ruin your teeth’s enamel. Lemon may
have alkalizing properties, but it still has acid which can
erode your teeth’s outer layer which can cause cavities or

Some medications do not go well with lemon water because it can
lower the effectiveness of the medicine.
If you already have gastric ulcers, it may not be a good idea
to drink lemon water. This can cause further damage and even
acid reflux.

Remember that drinking lemon water in the right amount is still
the best way to enjoy the benefits of lemon water. Also
remember that you still need to exercise or stay active and eat
a balance diet together with lemon water in order assure a
successful weight loss.

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