You’ll Start Putting Onions on Your Socks at Night Because of these Benefits!

It is no longer a surprise if you hear people doing unusual
things these days, especially about health. The modern
technology and research has been a great asset in discovering
natural remedies and health improvement. The “old wives’ tales”
on home remedies are either being proven as hoax or truth. A
very good example of this is putting cut onions in the socks a
person uses at night.

This may come strange to some people, but many are now doing
this nightly regimen and have claimed to have better health.
The idea is quite simple- you just cut a large onion, place the
cut side on your heel, wear socks and let the onion stay in the
socks for the rest of the night. This is quite irritating at
first, but knowing the benefits this unusual health regimen
brings may change your mind.

Onion Absorbs Toxins
This is the first because this is the main benefit of having
cut onions inside your socks. Our feet have a lot of nerve
endings and Ancient Chinese medicine points these nerve
endings, or sometimes referred to as pressure points, as direct
pathways to your internal organs. Since onions are effective
detoxifier, having it sit on your bare feet can help flush the
toxins inside the body.

Onion Clears the Air
Many people find the smell of onions quite irritating, but
onions are great in purifying the air. Onions can kill and
absorb bacteria, and it extends to the air. People who have
placed onions in their socks will often tell you how they can
breathe better and how the air felt more refreshing. This also
benefits a person with feet odor or bacterial foot infection.

Onion Improves Your Brain Activities
Because the body gets to flush the toxins, your blood stream
will definitely be cleaner. This means more oxygen will be
delivered to the brain. And the more oxygen, the better your
brain will function and the best way to make your brain

Onion Helps the Kidney and Liver
As mentioned above, the onions can flush the toxins from the
bloodstream, which is good news for the kidney and the liver.
These two function as filters of the body and can get
overwhelmed with the toxins that the body can come across to
every day. The extra help from the onions can make a change for
the liver and the kidney.

Onion can Help in Weight Issues
Again, since toxins are flushed away from the body, the body’s
hormones and metabolism will stabilize which can help in
burning away the fats. The body organ responsible in balancing
the hormones and an increase the metabolism is the thyroid.
Without the right amount of thyroid hormones, your body will
have issues not only on the weight but also in your overall
Though it seems odd, trying this regimen out can make a
difference in you and your health. All you have to do is endure
the onion and let it do its magic for a healthier body.

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